About Amelie

Amelie LAN is a jewelry designer and maker who decided, after having spent 10 years working in a big corporate environment, that she wanted to explore one of her passions and dream: making things with her hands, finding the pleasure in the creative process and translating an idea into a piece of jewelry that would bring a little bit of beauty and difference to the wearer. 

After having followed a traditional jewelry-making course with Quebecois Master Yves Lemay, she started her jewelry making adventure by setting up her studio in Shanghai.

Her designs bare the influence of her life, growing up in China, studying in Paris, working in Shanghai, enjoying simple things, finding her balance in Nature and Yoga.  

She finds her inspiration in small details, the richness and diversity found in minority arts and craft, the singularity of an antique, the power of a word, the texture of a surface… She believes happiness comes through enjoying the small things that are often looked passed as unimportant or taken for granted. She hopes her jewelry can be a reminder that it is by starting to appreciate little things that you build a happy life.

She makes her jewelry with the intent to bring a bit of poetry and delicacy to the wearer's universe.

All her jewelry is hand made in limited numbers.